Dating a wiccan girl

Common mythology associated with the cycles of the seasons revolves around sex.The Goddess and God have sex, she becomes pregnant, he dies and is reborn of the Goddess. This is not to be taken as advocating incest between mother and son (indeed, we don't take myth as something that literally happens).Sex is considered a powerful way of building energy and releasing it at climax.It's often something couples who practice magic together will do in the privacy of their own home.Aside from the Great Rite, sex is sometimes used in Wiccan ritual for the purpose of magic.

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One has to take into consideration that, in Wicca, nature is not blinked into existence. Sex, of course, is pleasurable, is an expression of love, and it's how we bring children into our lives. Sex ensures the propagation of most species and the continuation of life. Life on the planet hinges on it being a fertile planet.This is not about channeling the divine to perform a sacred act in ritual, it's simply a very practical means to an end.The premise behind a work of magic is that the practitioner(s) raise energy and directed toward a goal.Solitary Wiccans may achieve the same effects through masturbation.Because Wiccans view sex as a natural, positive, life-affirming act, we generally accept our sexual nature as part of being human.

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