Dating natural selection speed

"A single adaptive trait such as color could move a population towards the process of forming a new species, but adaptation in many traits may be required to actually complete the formation of an entirely new species," says UBC post-doctoral fellow Patrik Nosil, whose study is just published.* "The more ways a population can adapt to its unique surroundings, the more likely it will ultimately diverge into a separate species." Nosil studied walking-stick insects in the Santa Barbara Chaparral in southern California.

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"Natural selection has been widely regarded as the cause of adaptation within existing species while genetics and geography have been the focus of most current research on the driving force of speciation," says Nosil.

"As far as advancing Darwin's theory that natural selection is a key driver of speciation, this is the first experiment of its kind done outside of a lab setting. *The article "Ecological Niche Dimensionality and the Evolutionary Diversification of Stick Insectssdswerzeccyyudcbbdttdtstqrzbwdybevdy" was recently published by PLo S One.

The evolution of a new species can occur rapidly enough for them to observe the process in a simple laboratory flask, biologists have discovered.

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