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2) in image sequences of thrombin-stimulated platelets for at least 30 min (Fig. Lamellipodium waves (red traces) were typically located in the platelet periphery.In this region, the dynamic lamellipodium only temporarily covered the substrate (grey colored region).The high-speed image sequences were recorded 1 and 9 min, respectively, after the overview image.Two modes of dynamics were observed: lamellipodium waves at the platelet periphery (top row, arrows, red traces in the last image show the path of motion) and dynamic protrusions on the platelet body (bottom row, arrows, blue traces in the last image show the path of motion).

The lamellipodium waves moved along the platelet edge (Fig.

(c) Image sequence of an unstimulated spread platelet with the addition of 0.5 U/m L thrombin at t = .

The platelet morphology became dynamic after the addition of thrombin.

The dashed lines show the initial platelet edge (top row) or the initial protrusions (bottom row).

To increase the contrast of the protrusions, the large-scale curvature of the platelet body was removed (bottom row, s. The full image sequences are provided as Supplementary Movies S1–3. For quantification of their lateral velocity, lamellipodium waves, and protrusions were tracked (Supplementary Fig.

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