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Abstract Title: Characterizing the differences in bankfull channel geometry across the tidal-fluvial zone of micro- to macro- tidal fluvial systems: Lower Trinity River, TX, USA vs Chehalis River, WA, USAAbstract Title: Integration Of Low-Cost Single-Frequency GPS Stations Using 'Spider' Technology Within Existing Dual-Frequency GPS Network at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat (West Indies): Processing And Results Abstract Title: Explaining streamflow variability of the Gila and Rio Grande rivers : Pacific teleconnections and catchment-scale interaction of the hydrological cycle with vegetation and soil moisture Abstract Title: An Autonomous High-rate GNSS Receiver with Iridium Messaging, Real-time Signal Processing, and Power System: Test Results from a “Black-box” High Precision Subsidence/Deformation/Position Monitoring System.Abstract Title: Early–Middle Paleozoic subduction–collision history of the south-eastern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: evidence from igneous and metasedimentary rocks of central Jilin Province, NE China Abstract Title: Scaling Critical Zone analysis tasks from desktop to the cloud utilizing contemporary distributed computing and data management approaches: A case study for project based learning of Cyberinfrastructure concepts Abstract Title: The open scars of Latin America: The Bolivian Orocline as a basament-related hinge, and the influence of accreted terranes on the paleomagnetic rotational patterns of the Chilean forearc.During the 19th century, parallel operatic traditions emerged in central and eastern Europe, particularly in Russia and Bohemia.The 20th century saw many experiments with modern styles, such as atonality and serialism (Arnold Schoenberg and Alban Berg), Neoclassicism (Igor Stravinsky), and Minimalism (Philip Glass and John Adams).

Abstract Title: El Nino, from 1870 to 2014, and other Atmospheric Circulation Forcing by Extreme Apparitions of the Eight Annual, Continental Scale, Aerosol Plumes in the Satellite Era which Point to a Possible Cause for the Current Californian Drought Abstract Title: Shear wave velocity structure in the lithosphere and asthenosphere across the Southern California continent and Pacific plate margin using inversion of Rayleigh wave data from the ALBACORE project.Opera seria was the most prestigious form of Italian opera, until Christoph Willibald Gluck reacted against its artificiality with his "reform" operas in the 1760s.The most renowned figure of late 18th-century opera is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who began with opera seria but is most famous for his Italian comic operas, especially The Marriage of Figaro (Le nozze di Figaro), Don Giovanni, and Così fan tutte, as well as The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte), a landmark in the German tradition.Melodic or semi-melodic passages occurring in the midst of, or instead of, recitative, are also referred to as arioso.The terminology of the various kinds of operatic voices is described in detail below.

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