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We treat our clients with a distinctive care and respect.We respect the confidentiality of all patients' interactions if you choose to include your spouse, partner or friend in your visit to our clinics we will welcome their participation and address any concern that they may have.Patients from throughout the country visit Dr David and his physicians as we offer our care and support during this heartbreaking time, with our TLC Program for Therapeutic Patients.We are a member clinic of the National Abortion Federation Reply to womens clinic WOMENS CLINIC DR.

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Our state of the art facilities are located in all CITIES and we are a top rated abortion provider, with hundreds of doctors and perinatologists referring their patients to us for pregnancy termination. All appointments are CONFIDENTIAL, however, our Private Patients have special arrangements that can ensure their support person(s) can accompany them.

Long story short - telling a mother all that in the manner she did, just after birth is cruel.

She was throwing her textbook knowledge at me with no real expertise on emotional patient care skills.

No mother wants to be told her baby is abnormal and if any doctor needs to deliver such news - for goodness sake, have some tact and show respect for ppl's feelings.

I am scar'ed for lyf - I never stop worrying about my son even though he is reaching his milestones to this day.

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