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The sticker is typically located on the back of the network adapter.Typically, your adapter model starts with F5D, F6D or F7D. Bellocchio takes a carefully considered leap toward artistic freedom but lands in an esthetic void.A hard-core sex sequence, which might initially have seemed a bold decision, turns out to have been a fatal gaffe. Bellocchio's ideas about politics, sex, power and repression - none too consistent or profound up to that point of the movie, anyway - is suddenly superseded by a curiosity about the mechanics of film making, or, at least, about the mechanics of making this film. Bellocchio's ''Devil in the Flesh'' isn't to be confused with the Radiguet novel or with Claude Autant-Lara's romantic, melancholy 1947 screen version, in which Micheline Presle plays the older, married woman with whom the teen-age Gerard Philippe falls wondrously in love.The screen was faulty in my kit but was swapped within days, so all was good. I do sometimes get a blue screen but only for a second. Buy a more expensive transmitter model or even a hard wired one that hopefully works without interfearance so you get a constant clear view of what your trying to look at.I have the head unit with bluetooth and I use it with my phone. The quality is good even by night, in very low light it almost goes to black and white. We took our back to the shop and swapped it once but the replacement is exactly the same.Without bluetooth it's not too bad, but the range isn't very good, and the signal doesn't pass through metal very well either.I fitted the kit to a Mitsubishi L200 pickup and ended up having to put the camera antenna along the outside of the tailgate and the screen on the rear screen in the cab to get a decent picture. The first one lasted a month, and the second one about 2 months although the camera was quite exposed so in might be better on the number plate where it's more shielded from the elements. I would have to disagree with the other reviews to some extent. I fitted it to the panel just above the number plate as the instructions said. Anyway the camera is good quality and gives a good picture. The signal seems quite clear across the length of my V40 estate.

Please check the car's manual or with the car manufacturer if in any doubt.

You would need to check suitability based on the make marque and year of manufacture.

We have provided an instruction guide on the product listing (see link) Which states the following The wireless camera in this kit requires a continuous supply of power to function.

The new ''Devil in the Flesh'' is set in an economically fat, contemporary Italy, where the battles being fought aren't against any foreign enemy, but against demons within.

These are externalized as bourgeois hypocrisy, lower-middle-class morality and, of course, the Red Brigades who, if they hadn't existed in real life, would have had to be invented by Italian movie makers for the convenience of their film industry. Bellocchio's lovers are Andrea, the teen-age son of a classic (and neurotic) Freudian analyst, and Giulia, who's somewhat older than Andrea and far more emotionally needy.

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