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You’d just charge your customers the local sales tax rate at that spot.

But online sellers have a more difficult time of it.

This guide will demystify sales tax for online sellers. Online merchants are required to charge sales tax online on tangible products like books or furniture.

So you can get back to doing what you do – Sales tax is a tax charged by the seller to the buyer. But that’s starting to change as some states want to tax services, too.

If you sell products at a brick and mortar store, your sales tax life is fairly simple.You feel unstoppable – until some tiny administrative hassle throws you for a loop.And one of those administrative hassles with a lot of potential to derail your progress is sales tax.Most states are “destination-based” sales tax states, meaning you are required to charge sales tax online at your buyer’s ship-to location.Since rates can vary from locality to locality, this can get complicated fast.

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