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To create your own certificate, you can pretend to be a certificate authority.The software that allows one to be a certificate authority in Windows is called "Certificate Services", but Windows XP Professional does not include an option to install it.To install it, one must log in under an account with administrator priviledges, and go to "Control Panel"-"Add/Remove Windows Components." Just check the "Internet Information Services" checkbox and complete the installation.

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To the end-user of the website, it's the difference between having a security warning and not having one.

However, enabling SSL on IIS is not as simple as clicking a checkbox setting.

In particular, enabling SSL independently on Windows XP Professional is not possible. At this point, you have the options of "Create a new certificate", "Assign an existing certificate", and "Import a certificate from a Key Manager backup file." Select "Create a new certificate" and click Next.

I recommend you skim through this entire site before attempting the procedure, because it is fairly advanced. "Default Web Site." Right click on "Default Web Site", and select "Properties". It is similar to the Kerberos system developed at MIT.

Practically, this means that Windows comes pre-installed with the certificates of trusted companies.

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